GNSS with AHRS, mag, sensor fusion

CAN GNSS device with fused position, magnetometer, AHRS solution, and more


CAN 2.4Ghz control receiver

The world's first CAN control receiver. Long range, robust connections over-the-air, and in your aircraft. 2 independent radios.

AnyLeaf ELRS CAN receiver

Flight controller (G4)

Cutting-edge tech for racers and small quads. Built-in ExpressLRS receiver. Dead-simple to set up. Plug and play with DJI video.

Mercury G4 Quadcopter flight controller

Flight controller (H7)

Powerful flight-controller for quadcopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Runs ArduPilot, PX4, or Betaflight. Built-in ExpressLRS receiver. The only flight-controller with a dedicated IMU crystal, for maximum noise reduction. Plug and play with DJI video.

Mercury H7 Quadcopter flight controller

ELRS Receiver (dual radio)

The most advanced ExpressLRS receiver available. Long range, high-penetration, low-latency. Control your aircraft with confidence.

ELRS full diversity receiver

ELRS Receiver (single radio)

The full power of ExpressLRS in a compact package.

ELRS receiver