Mercury-G4 quadcopter flight controller

For digital FPV. Uses modern hardware, and big solder pads.

Coming Autumn 2022

Compatible with Betaflight

Ultra-low-noise gyro

Fits 30.5mm and 20mm mounting patterns

Built-in ELRS receiver

Designed for DJI and HDZero digital systems

AnyLeaf G4 flight controller
Anyleaf Mercury G4, bottom
Anyleaf Mercury G4, top

Designed to be easy to assemble, with big, clearly-labeled solder pads, and header with pre-crimped wires to connect to a camera and Vtx. There's plenty of room around both sets of mounting holes, so spacers and shock absorbers won't get in the way.

Suitable for full-size quads, and whoops. The 30mm mounting holes are on break-off tabs, for mounting on small frames.

Includes DJI-digital compatible pin header

Does not include analog OSD support - this is a digital-only FC. Includes a 10V regulator, to provide dedicated, safe power to your Vtx and camera.

Compatible with DJI and HDZero digital systems

ExpressLRS (ELRS) receiver and antenna

Note: Onboard ELRS is currently unsupported in Betaflight, but we're working to make it happen soon.

With onboard ELRS, you no longer need to buy and mount a separate receiver. Features lower latency than offboard receivers due to a direct connection with the FC computer.

Compatible with DSHOT-1200, DSHOT-600, and DSHOT-300

Onboard altimeter (barometer), and 16MB black box flash memory

Features robust power filtering and separation, to reduce interference, and provide smooth sensor readings and control response.

Includes anti-vibration rubber dampers