Our goal is to create accurate, reliable, and affordable environmental sensors for scientists, hydroponics growers, aquarium owners, and brewers. Our products are designed to be easy to use and well-documented.

You shouldn't have to spend a lot of money to take accurate measurements. We noticed that many sensor systems are expensive - this is a roadblock for people who'd like to take better measurements, but can't justify the price. We aim to solve this accessibility problem.

Flexible, and easy

Our products and accompanying software are designed with maximum flexibility in mind: Get started with code samples that are streamlined and free of clutter, or customize as much as you like, with raw access to sensor data. We think that our software will work well for most users, but our drivers are all open source, so modify them as much as you'd like.

We value transparency

We believe that in scientific endeavors, the open sharing of information is fundamental. If you publish data using our sensor and circuits, we'd like you to have information available to make your results reproducable. Our datasheets don't attempt to hide or obfuscate how our products work, or what components we use. If you have questions, send us an email. We'll provide an answer, and add the information to our datasheet and website if needed. We encourage creating issues and pull requests on the Anyleaf Github page.

A design philosophy

Hardware devices should be timeless, not trendy. One recent trend we'd like to avoid is associated with the Internet of Things. We believe your devices should never stop working due to uncommanded updates. They shouldn't require you to register an account, sign in, pair to a phone, or enter a product key. Many of those traits are for the benefit of the manufacturer, not the user - we'd like to avoid that. For example, our Water Monitor doesn't include internet connectivity, but gives you the option to share readings with devices you trust.

We value privacy

In a world where so many things move to the cloud, and software is more and more often coming as a subscription service, privacy concerns are more relevant than ever. Our devices are designed to just work, and store data locally whenever possible. Software and firmware updates are optional, and will never require a subscription. We don't store your data in the cloud, and don't pass it to third parties.


We're gradually building our product line into a suite of complementary environmental measurement tools. Expect our product catalog to gradually expand during 2021.

Warranty and return policy

We accept returns for any reason within 30 days of product arrival. Send us an email, and we'll provide instructions for mailing the item back. We'll refund the initial charge, and if the refund is due to a product defect, we'll compensate you up to $10 for return shipping.

Founder: David O'Connor