Coming March 2021

Water Monitor

For hydroponics, laboratories, water-quality monitoring, aquariums, brewing

Measures temperature, pH, ORP, and conductivity

We're confident this is the best value in water monitoring you'll find. Accurate enough for laboratory use. Affordable enough for anyone.

Send readings to your PC or Raspberry Pi using the built-in USB port. View on your phone or computer using the open-source readings viewer, or Python library:

app screenshot
Download the viewer

Monitors pH, electrical conductivity, TDS, temperature, and Oxydation Reduction Potential (ORP). Available with all, some, or none of these probes. pH, conductivity, and ORP probes use BNC connections, and temperature probes use 3-wire screw terminals.

Built to last

The temperature sensor is a Pt100 Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)

Suitable for continuous immersion

Features a 4.2" e-paper display that's clear and readable, even in bright sunlight.

Long battery life, or power with USB-C

Has a 6-week battery life using 3 AA batteries (included), or power it with a USB C port, using the included cable and plug. Compatible with rechargeable batteries. Use as a portable meter, or in places without a nearby outlet.

Use as a portable sensor suite, or leave submerged indefinitely.

User manual

Updating firmware

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Temperature sensor specifications:

pH electrode specifications:

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