CAN ExpressLRS Receiver

Dual-radio 2.4Ghz control with link stats

Long range, reliable connection

The first CAN control receiver

Plug and play with ArduPilot

AnyLeaf CAN ELRS Receiver
AnyLeaf CAN ELRS Receiver
AnyLeaf CAN ELRS Receiver

Buy for $70

This device leverages the robust capabilities of ExpressLRS (ELRS) and DroneCAN. Reliable connections over-the-air, and within your aircraft.

Plug and play with ArduPilot. PX4 support coming soon.

Easy setup; uses standard DroneCAN messages for compatibility with the most popular flight controllers.

CAN-FD ready

Supports up to 64-byte frames, and 5Mbps data rates. It's also compatible with classic CAN systems. CAN allows for simplified wiring, and robust, interference-resistant connections.

Encryption available

If you're interested in receiving encrypted control channel and/or telemetry data, send us an email. This can be accomplished with a firmware update to this device's CAN MCU. Note that you will need a suitable setup on the transmitter side as well.

Send arbitrary control data and telemetry with ELRS Airport

Full support for ExpressLRS Airport. This allows you to send arbitrary data (including control data and telemetry) between the vehicle and ground station. This is the first telemetry-over-CAN system available.

The bare PCB is easy to remove and mount; this is useful for compact builds.

Easy configuration

Data broadcast rate and number of channels are customizable, using the AnyLeaf Preflight software that connects with USB, or through DroneCAN's parameter standard. Preflight is lightweight and easy to use: Download, launch, and plug the device into your PC's USB port.

Download Preflight for Windows

Download Preflight for Linux

Our firmware and preflight software are written in Rust, for maximum reliability.

Perfect for commercial and university projects

Quickstart with Ardupilot

It can be configured using Mission Planner's CAN interface:

Sends the following DroneCAN messages