With sensor fusion

Fuses GNSS with IMU for high accuracy

Built-in barometer and magnetometer

Plug and play with Ardupilot and PX4


Buy for $100

RTK support with 1cm positional accuracy (Ublox NEO-F9P GNSS) coming soon. To join the waitlist, send us an email.

Accelerometer range: ±16G
IMU/AHRS data: 1kHz
Power usage: 200mW
Angular resolution: 0.01°
Gyro drift: 0.005 rad/s
Position data: 1kHz
CAN datarate: 5Mbps
Fix rate: 10Hz
Magnetometer rate: 155Hz

Position and attitude

This device fuses GPS and Galileo satellite data, outputting a position and velocity solution at 10Hz. It uses a UBLOX M10 GNSS unit, and combines this with a magnetometer, barometer, and IMU for a complete AHRS solution.

Perfect for decoupled systems

By outputting a complete position and attitude solution, your team is free to focus development on what makes your system unique. Use it with all-in-one firmware like PX4 and AruPilot, or develop your own - the IO, firmware, and fusing are taken care of. This device is suitable for a wide range of autonomous systems and robotics.

Automatic calibration

Continuous magnetometer hard and soft iron calibration. Automatic gyro and accelerometer bias compensation. Additionally, magnetic declination is determined automatically based on position.

High performance AHRS filtering

Fuses accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and GNSS data for a consistent, high-fidelity attitude and position solution. Uses each sensor's strengths to mitigate the others' weaknesses.

Plug and play with ArduPilot and PX4

Easy setup; uses standard DroneCAN messages for compatibility with the most popular flight controllers. Includes a mounting stand.

CAN-FD ready

Supports up to 64-byte frames, and 5Mbps data rates. It's also compatible with classic CAN systems. CAN allows for simplified wiring, and robust, interference-resistant connections.

A redundant attitude platform (AHRS) for safety-critical applications

If your primary IMU fails or becomes unreliable for any reason, the accelerometer, gyro, and AHRS solution data from this device can be used to take over. Even if they're working properly, this device provides an independent solution.

The bare PCB is easy to remove and mount; this is useful for compact builds.

Easy configuration

Data broadcast rate and number of channels are customizable, using the AnyLeaf Preflight software that connects with USB, or through DroneCAN's parameter standard. Preflight is lightweight and easy to use: Download, launch, and plug the device into your PC's USB port.

Download Preflight for Windows

Download Preflight for Linux

Sends the following messages:

Perfect for commercial solutions and university projects

Quickstart with ArduPilot

Quickstart with PX4

Our firmware and preflight software are written in Rust, for maximum reliability.

Download the latest firmware update. On Windows, run the updater application. On Linux or Mac, flash the .bin file using the appropriate tool, like dfu-tool.