ExpressLRS (ELRS) dual-radio Receiver

For FPV drones

30mm and 20mm mounting holes - fits on the stack

Supports true (full) diversity for long range

Robust GH connector for easy setup

AnyLeaf G4 flight controller
Anyleaf ELRS Rx, top
Anyleaf ELRS Rx, bottom

Buy for $30

Suitable for full-size quads, and whoops. The 30mm mounting holes are on break-off tabs, for mounting on small frames. Can be mounted on the main stack, or secondary mounting holes (30mm or 20mm) common on 5" quads.

Compatible with ELRS Gemini

Works with Betaflight, INAV, Ardupilot, and PX4

Uses a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) to improve connection reliability.

Compatible with the latest ELRS; comes with ELRS 3.0 installed

Can connect over WiFi to customize, or upgrade to future versions.

Supports ELRS True Diversity (Also known as Full Diversity)

Includes 2 independent radios, each connected to an antenna. Combines packets from both signals. This is more robust than Diversity receivers that use a single radio connected to 2 antennas.

Includes dual Power amplifiers (PA) and Low Noise amplifiers (LNA)

For improved performance behind obstacles, and for longer range telemetry.

Sturdy GH pin header, and big, clearly-labeled pads

Use either to connect to your FC. Comes with a cable that plugs into the header, and has bare wires on the other end for soldering to your FC.

Includes anti-vibration rubber dampers, and 2 antennas

Includes an RGB LED for expressive status indications

Radios use a SMPS DC-DC converter, which saves power

Open source hardware

Schematics, PCB, and production files for AnyLeaf ELRS receivers are open source; you're free to view, learn-from, modify, and produce them. AnyLeaf ELRS hardware files. In the open source spirit of ELRS, we can improve the community by sharing designs.

For details on ELRS, check out its homepage, or our overview article.