ExpressLRS (ELRS) Receiver

For FPV drones

Coming Winter 2022

30mm and 20mm mounting holes - fits on the stack

Supports antenna diversity; includes LNA/PA

Robust GH connector for easy setup

AnyLeaf G4 flight controller
Anyleaf ELRS Rx, top
Anyleaf ELRS Rx, bottom

Suitable for full-size quads, and whoops. The 30mm mounting holes are on break-off tabs, for mounting on small frames. Can be mounted on the main stack, or secondary mounting holes (30mm or 20mm) common on 5" quads.

Compatible with the latest ELRS; comes with ELRS 3.0 installed.

Can connect over WiFi to customize, or upgrade to future versions.

Supports ELRS Diversity, with connections to 2 antennas via a multiplexer

Compared to our full diversity Rx, this receiver uses a single radio and PA/LNA, with a multiplixer that switches antennas based on signal strength. This reduces the price, but may not be as robust as full diversity, which uses 2 independent radios and amplifiers.

Includes a Power amplifier (PA) and Low Noise amplifier (LNA)

For improved performance behind obstacles, and for longer range telemetry.

Sturdy GH pin header, and big, clearly-labeled pads

Use either to connect to your FC. Comes with a cable that plugs into the header, and has bare wires on the other end for soldering to your FC.

Includes anti-vibration rubber dampers

Radio uses a SMPS DC-DC converter, which saves power.

For details on ELRS, check out its homepage, or our overview article.