CAN Power module

With backup battery capability

Outputs 5V and 7.4V or 12V for servos and electronics

Display voltages and current over CAN

Backup battery to power servos and electronics

AnyLeaf CAN Power module
AnyLeaf CAN Power module
AnyLeaf CANPower module

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Current on 5V and 7.4/12V lines: 3A each
Up to 36V input (8S)
Data format: DroneCAN
Primary batt connection: XT-60
Backup batt connection: XT-30
5V outputs: MR-30 and JST-GH CAN
7.4V/12V output: MR-30
CAN capabilites: FD, up to 5Mb/s

Voltage and current measurements

This device outputs (over CAN) current on the backup battery and output lines. It outputs voltage of these lines, as well as voltage of up to 6 individual battery cells. It does not measure total battery current.

Dual output voltages, for flexibility

The 5V line is intended to power flight controllers and other CAN nodes, over the JST-GH 4-pin DroneCAN connector. It can also power servos, using the MR-30 connection, which accomodates up to 3A. The second output line can output either 7.4V or 12V, selected by a jumper. Thisline can be used to power higher-voltage servos, or digital video transmitters, like from DJI and HDZero. This line supports an additional 3A.

Battery backup

Supports an optional backup battery, using an XT-30 connection. If the primary battery is disconnected, or runs out of power, the backup immediately takes over, powering electronics and servos. This allows for motor-out recovery of fixed-wing aircraft, and maintaining a radio link and camera output for vehicles that run out of main-battery life for any reason.

Plug and play with ArduPilot and PX4

Easy setup; uses standard DroneCAN messages for compatibility with the most popular flight controllers. Includes a mounting stand.

CAN-FD ready

Supports up to 64-byte frames, and 5Mbps data rates. It's also compatible with classic CAN systems. CAN allows for simplified wiring, and robust, interference-resistant connections.

The bare PCB is easy to remove and mount; this is useful for compact builds.

Easy configuration

Data broadcast rate and number of channels are customizable, using the AnyLeaf Preflight software that connects with USB, or through DroneCAN's parameter standard. Preflight is lightweight and easy to use: Download, launch, and plug the device into your PC's USB port.

Download Preflight for Windows

Download Preflight for Linux

Our firmware and preflight software are written in Rust, for maximum reliability.

Sends the following messages:

Perfect for commercial solutions and university projects

Quickstart with ArduPilot

Quickstart with PX4