Mercury-H7 quadcopter and fixed-wing flight controller

For digital FPV. Uses modern, fast hardware

Ultra-fast CPU

Built-in ELRS receiver

Designed for DJI and HDZero digital systems

AnyLeaf Mercury H7, top angle
Anyleaf Mercury H7, top angle
Anyleaf Mercury H7, top
Anyleaf Mercury H7, bottom angle
Anyleaf Mercury H7, bottom angle

Works with Betaflight, ArduPilot, PX4, and INAV

Buy for $95

Uses the ICM-42688 IMU - this is the lowest-noise IMU you'll find on a FC

Uses dedicated power filtering for the IMU, increasing accuracy and reducing noise even further.

ExpressLRS (ELRS) control and telemetry tranceiver

With onboard 2.4Ghz ELRS, you no longer need to buy and mount a separate receiver. Includes a dedicated ELRS MCU - this can always run the latest version of ELRS.

This transceiver can be used for control data, (sticks and switches), telemetry (Eg Mavlink), or both together. Use normal ELRS for controls; Use ELRS Airport for telemetry only; Use ELRS MavLink for both on the same radio link.

Plug + play with Betaflight ESCs, and DJI O3

Its included cable connect directly to Betaflight-standard ESCs. Also includes a cable with separate header you can wire into other configs. Includes a cable for connecting to DJI digital setups too that plugs into the FC.

Connects to up to 8 motors or servos

Easy to use

Easy and fast to connect, with clearly-labeled connectors and cables for ESC, and Vtx/camera. Uses the standard Betaflight ESC pin header (JST SH); includes a plug+play wire compatible with any BF-compliant ESC. Big solder pads are included as well. The included ELRS radio means one fewer device to connect.

DroneCAN standard connector

This flight controller is compatible with any DroneCAN peripheral. This includes GPS devices, magnetometers, motors, servos, and a variety of sensors. Its onboard tranciever supports CAN-FD frames, at 5Mbits/s.

Suitable for quadcopters, and fixed-wing aircraft.

Includes a DJI-digital compatible pin header

Does not include analog OSD support - this is a digital-only FC. Includes a 9V power supply, to provide safe, consistent power to your Vtx and camera. For an H7/ELRS alternative that supports analog, check out the SP Racing H7 RF.

Compatible with DJI Air Unit, Caddx Vista, DJI O3, HDZero, and Walksnail. The included cable is compatible with the connector on DJI O3.

High-current power supply (aka BEC) for connecting Vtx and servos, with robust power filtering.

Supports up to 3A of current on the 9V line. No need to connect your Vtx directly to the battery; use the filtered 9V regulator. This keeps it safe from voltage spikes and interference. The 5V regulator can supply up to 2A to servos.

Compatible with DJI, HDZero, and WalkSnail digital systems

Compatible with bidirectional DSHOT-600

Onboard altimeter (barometer), and 64Mbit black box flash memory

Features robust power filtering and separation, to reduce interference, and provide smooth sensor readings and control response. The IMU has its own dedicated power filter

Includes anti-vibration rubber dampers