IR Stove thermometer

Measure the temperature of your burners, skillets, and food

For when "medium heat" isn't precise enough

Cook more consistently

Follow recipes more closely

Prevent pan warping when rinsing

Keep oils at a safe temperature

Prevent pans from overheating



Temperature guide

(Change to °F)

Smoke point of cooking oils:

Safe temperatures for pan rinsing (to prevent warping)

Coffee and tea example brewing temperatures

Works on non-stick, cast-iron, steel, and aluminum

Accuracy is best on Non-stick and cast-iron surfaces. Accuracy is reduced on shiny surfaces, but is good enough for most cooking purposese.

Why use this over a handheld IR sensor?

The idea behind the AnyLeaf Stove Thermometer is similar to that of handheld sensors. We think our thermometer is a better fit for cooking since it's hands-free. The color codes help you check temperature at a glance, and the sensor is a higher-quality one that that used on common handhelds.

If you already cook with a handheld sensor, this is a nice upgrade.

Coming soon!