Infrared (IR) Stove thermometer with safety alarm

Measures the temperature of pans and food on your kitchen stove

The stove thermometer is unavailable until further notice.

Stove thermometer front
Stove thermometer front
Stove thermometer rear
Stove thermometer on range hood
Stove thermometer with pan

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When "medium heat" isn't precise enough

Cook more safely

Cook more consistently

Reduce fire risk

Follow recipes more closely

Prevent pan warping when rinsing

Know when your pan is preheated

Keep oil at a safe temperature

Prevent pans from overheating

If temperature gets too high, an alarm goes off. This is useful if you accidentally leave the stove unattended, and provides peace of mind before leaving the house. Know that oil won't catch on fire when adding to a heated pan.



Measures the surface temperature of a skillet, burner, or the top of your food or beverage. We found there's a lot of great products available for measuing internal temperature of food, but nothing satisfying for measuring pan temperature.

Getting a skillet preheated to the right temperature is important for a number of items, like eggs, tortillas, and steak. Examining how water or your food reacts to the heat can be effective, but measuring the exact temperature is important for consistency. Whether you want the extra precision depends on what things you like to cook.

Best with dark pans. It's more accurate on dark surfaces like cast iron or non-stick skillets, but its "Steel/aluminum" surface setting (emissivity) lets it measure those surfaces too. Measuring food or oil temperature on a shiny surface works well.

Sensor unit is powered by a small battery (included), with life measured in months. Base unit is powered by USB-C, with cable included.

Smoke point of cooking oils:

Safe temperatures for pan rinsing (to prevent warping)

Coffee and tea example brewing temperatures

Works on non-stick, cast-iron, steel, and aluminum

Accuracy is best on dark surfaces, eg non-stick and cast-iron. Accuracy is reduced on shiny surfaces, but is good enough for many uses.

Why use this over a handheld IR sensor?

The idea behind the Stove Thermometer is similar to that of handheld sensors. We think our thermometer is a better fit for cooking since it's hands-free, and always ready. The color codes help you check temperature at a glance, and the sensor is a higher-quality one than that used on common handhelds.

If you already cook with a handheld sensor, this is an upgrade.