Meerkat Drone Detection System

Locate, identify, disable

Coming Autumn 2024

Flexible C-UAS technology

View all nearby drones with realtime location and identification data

Connect a laptop, tablet, or phone to show all nearby UASs on a map, with flight trajectory, make, and model.

Sensor fusion

Meerkat fuses the following information to locate and identify UASs:

Cost effective

Meerkat is a fraction of the cost of our competition. Target system price: $1000 baseline; $1500 with high-resolution target view. It will be purchasable directly by us, without going through a quote system. Your time, and budget are valuable; we won't waste either.

Intuitive UI

View all nearby UASs on a map. Get detailed information about each, including make model, and which signals are intercepted. Select one to aim a high-resolution, camera at it to view it realtime.

Automatic optical tracking

Select a detected drone to safely disable it, forcing it to land or return.

Whitelist authorized UASs

Allow specific drones to be whitelisted by the sytem; monitor their position, and clearly mark as authorized.

Compact and portable

Meerkat is small and light enough to fit in a small pelican case, and be hand-carried.